Importance and Benefits of American Sign Language Interpretation Services Offered by Global Language System

With possibly up to 15 million deaf people in the United States that use American Sign Language, there are many instances that require you to provide American Sign Language interpretation services. Whether you are preparing for a small meeting with someone who uses ASL, or organizing an event where you’d like to offer an inclusive environment, ASL interpretation services can help you connect to the deaf community.

There are many benefits of hiring a trusted ASL interpreter from Global Language System. Interpretation of one language to another requires a deep understanding of both the language and the culture. In fact, the nuances of each culture play a big part in quality interpretation. By hiring an ASL interpreter from Global Language System, you not only hire someone who speaks a new language, but you also hire someone who understands the deaf culture and their social cues. Global Language System ASL interpreters allow you to communicate with a deaf person without impediment, offering an opportunity to converse about both simple and complex topics. When interpretation is ethical and meets high standards, both parties can feel satisfied that their messages are communicated clearly.

Certified ASL interpreters from Global Language System

By hiring a certified ASL interpreter from Global Language System, you can rest assured that the interpretation is professional, high quality and accurate. This allows you to confidently conduct important business, or to complete important conversations in the government, legal, medical or educational sectors. These instances can include interviews, trial proceedings, doctor-patient conversations, employee staff meeting, town hall and parent teacher conferences.

At Global Language System, we provide interpretation services in over 200 languages. With opportunities to work with our ASL interpreters both onsite and through remote video services, you can make sure that your needs are met around-the-clock.

Onsite (Face to Face) ASL interpretation

During an onsite, face to face ASL interpretation, an interpreter is present at the meeting or event. It gives you an opportunity to conduct conversation with the deaf person with ease. Having an interpreter available in-person can be beneficial, depending on your needs and type of interpretation required. These instances can include conversations that can benefit from exchanging body language cues and facial expressions to help further your message. Also, when it comes to especially complicated interpretation, it may be easier to clarify your needs with an onsite interpreter. This can apply at conferences and highly confidential meetings.

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Video Remote Interpreting Service

When you opt for a Video Remote Interpreting service, also known as VRI, you have more flexibility when it comes to scheduling. In fact, our VRI service is available 24/7, and can be accessed anywhere via an internet connection. During a VRI session, you can use computers, tablets and video conferencing software to put you in touch with the ASL interpreter. Many people find that VRI interpretation rival services provided by an onsite interpreter. There is a level of ease of being able to connect with someone virtually, because you no longer need to consider the logistics of bringing an onsite interpreter to your meeting. It can also put you in touch with a wider network of interpreters from around the country, rather than being limited to your local interpreters.

There are healthcare professionals, educators and legal courts across the United States that are adopting Video Remote Interpreting as their top choice for interpretation services. At Global Language System, we ensure your privacy and data with a HIPAA-compliant VRI platform. This means that all of your protected health information (PHI) is stored and accessed according to best practices as defined by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services. These practices include the safe storage of your PHI through our system at all times.

VRI is beneficial in many instances. For example, if you require interpreter services in short spurts, like at a doctor’s appointment or at a brief legal interview, VRI is a quick and easy option. It’s also a great option for longer meetings and conferences as well. Whatever your situation, Global Language System is there for you. Once you’re ready to begin your meeting or conversation with a death consumer, simply log into our VRI platform and connect with a certified interpreter 24/7. Please contact us to request your VRI demo today.