Professional Translation Services Overview

“A language which we do not know is a fortress sealed” Marcel Proust. Global Language System LLC provides language translation; interpreting, Localization and transcription services to help organizations and individuals breaking the communication gaps around the globe.

The target audiences for Global Language System LLC are government agencies, not for profit organizations, healthcare, manufacturing, Assurance, Financial Services, Utilities schools, universities, small, mid-sized and large companies that are primary located in the United States and around the globe. The Professional Translation Services provided by Global Language System LLC are designed to help its customers to increase their communication efficiency and effectiveness with their clients in the local and global markets.

Although the language business is highly competitive, Global Language System LLC believes that there is a place for high-quality and affordable services. Our goal is to provide Professional Translation Services in all major and critical languages and dialects that will stand out of the competitors.

Our people has a proven record of translation and interpretation in their pair languages and Global Language System is bringing only native and near native speakers in each language pair.

Global Language System LLC is a virtual and agile Professional Translation Services company without a lot of overhead costs or strict corporate rules, which saves time, money and creates a flexible workplace for getting things done.

Mission Statement

Global Language System LLC exists to bridge the communication gaps on the global market enabling organizations and businesses to secure the language services they need while still focusing on their core business goals.


Our vision is to be the premier high quality language services provider around the globe.

Our Professional Translation Services Values

  • Excellence
  • Quality
  • Accuracy