Professional Translation Services Industries


Healthcare Providers are the largest consumer of the Language services. Title VI of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 requires recipients of Federal Financial assistance to take reasonable steps to make their programs, services, and activities by eligible persons with limited English proficiency. According to the US Census Bureau data released in 2013, one in five U.S. residents speak foreign language at home, a record 61.8 million. To meet the needs of the growing LEP (limited English proficiency) population, hospitals rely on Professional Translation Services organizations to provide information pertaining to health and insurance coverage in various languages. Global Language System has proven language solutions to meet the need of the healthcare industry.

Financial Services

In a very-competitive, fast-paced world of finance, you need a Language solutions provider you can rely on. The internalization, Globalization in financial word combined with immigration flux around the world demand that financial services providers be agile and flexible by using multiple language channels in serving their clients. You can trust our language experts with a highly skilled in sophisticated financial terminologies. Our mission is to empower your organization to secure the language services they need while still focusing on its core business goals.

Insurance & Utilities

If you are an insurance company or utilities sector you’ll already be aware that it is truly an very competitive marketplace. How do you respond quickly to a Limited English Speaking (LEP) client when it comes to provide quick claims processing or customer services, take recorded statements, explain policy terms and benefits or sell new services? To avoid frustration, Global Language System is here to empower your organization with language solutions needed that will benefit both your customers’ representatives and your LEP clients. Our highly trained language specialists will respond quickly to your language need while keeping your information secured and confidential. Our Professional Translations Services organization is here to help.

Nonprofit Organizations

As causes and programs continue to cross borders in an increasingly global world, non-profits organization can rely on Global Language System to deliver services in multiple languages, particularly during emergencies.


Global Language System enables manufacturing and global supply chain to have access to multi-language services in real time when they need them. Global Language System understands the needs of manufacturing buyers that include the rising of content volume that must be published faster and faster in an increasing number of languages across multiple channels. We work with all aspects of industrial manufacturing documentation including: Brochures, Call Center Interpreting, Material Safety Data Sheets, Patents and Patent Applications, Product Labeling, Packaging and Catalogs, Product Specifications, Training Materials; User and Operating Instructions etc.

Government and Public Sector

Government agencies, Military, Schools, Universities must be able to communicate effectively in-country and across borders, making comprehensive language services and technology mission-critical. Global Language System LLC is selling primary to US government through a General Schedule Agreement in NAIC 541930 and to Major Prime Government contractors that provide languages services to the US government. We provide Comprehensive Language Services in support of local, national, or global requirements that support the missions of military, law enforcement, homeland and national security organizations among others. Our Professional Translation Services include but are not limited to: Collecting, translating/interpreting and delivering mission related data; performing data analysis; cultural consulting; and role-playing.