Our Professional Translation Services

Global Language System LLC provides language translation; interpreting, localization and transcription services to help organizations and individuals breaking the communication gaps around the globe.

Translation Service

Global Language System provides quality professional human translation in all major language pairs. Our native-language translators are subject matter experts in their language pairs. Our Professional Translation Services cover translation of written, electronic and multi-media material to and from English and native foreign languages. Materials include but are not limited to: Business, Legal, Medical, Technical, Vital Documents, Website localization for Internet and Intranet, Video subtitling, captioning. Our in house Translation Process is designed to bring value and quality to our customer’s needs.


We offer Interpretation of oral communication to and from English and native Foreign Languages. Interpretation includes but is not limited to: Simultaneous, Consecutive, Escort, Community, Telephonic and Voiceovers. Interpreter forums may include meetings, conferences, seminars, litigation, briefings, training and more. Our Interpreting services facilitate immediate communication between people of different languages and cultures.

Global Language System LLC interpreting services include:

On-site interpreting

Global Language system provides On-site interpreting in healthcare and legal settings as well as large organizational meetings or conferences.

Telephone and video-remote interpreting

Global Language System provides the same function using three-way calling, dual handsets, smartphones, tablets, and Tele- or video conferencing capabilities.


Global Language System LLC provides accurate and affordable audio and video transcription at a reasonable price. The company takes audio or video files (or links online) and transcribes them quickly. Our turn-around time is quick and fast.

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